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Stockfisch Records again recorded a symphony orchestra: There is going to be released a very special production with the grandseigneur of songwriting, Allan Taylor! The SACD will be titled: "There Is a Time".

Here is the story behind: Allan had played on the FOLKEST festival every two or three years, usually on the stage in the Piazza Castello of Spilimbergo, a delightful small town near Udine. The plan arose, that Valter Sivilotti, an Italian composer, arranger and conductor, would make arrangements of a selection of Allan's songs and conduct the orchestra for the concert. This concert took place in July, 2013.

When Günter Pauler of Stockfisch Records heard the demo live-recordings he enthusiasticly suggested to produce a CD: Allan together with a symphony orchestra! Pauler hired the "Göttinger Symphonie Orchester" with their agile conductor Christoph-Mathias Mueller; Valter Sivilotti and Allan Taylor joined the recordings in Göttingen, and a very successful session was performed. Available from May 2016 as Multichannel-SACD-Hybrid!

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Stockfisch-Records is lucky to present the Irish/English band "Ranagri" with singer-songwriter Donal Rogers.

Four London musicians; one traditional Irish player, two classically trained, and one blues singer and guitarist, all with a passion for folk music. A meeting in a pub in Richmond and the story of 'Ranagri the band' begins. Donal Rogers (vocals and guitar), Eliza Marshall (flutes/ethnic whistles), Jean Kelly (electric-harp) and Tad Sargent (bodhran and bouzouki) are all very well established within the music industry. They have recorded and performed with many artists including Stevie Wonder, Radiohead, Peter Gabriel, Paloma Faith, Cara Dillon, Luke Daniels, Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone, James Horner,The list goes on. However, between them all lies one common thread – the desire to have their own band and play their own music.


The Return of the Songwriter-Hero: No need for a clock or a calendar; Steve Strauss ticks in much more expansive dimensions. Roughly 10 years after his success with “Just Like Love” the singer & composer Steve Strauss now presents his new album: “Sea of Dreams”.

These musicians are performing on his third album: Steve Strauss - vocal & guitar / Don Ross - guitars, dobro, lapsteel / Lutz Möller - piano / Wolfgang Beisert - ukulele / Manfred Leuchter - accordion / Martin Huch - pedal steel / Hans-Jörg Maucksch - fretless bass / Michael Kleinhans - tuba, whistling / Beo Brockhausen - tin-whistle, saxophones / Ralf Gustke - drums / Sven von Samson - drums / Grischka Zepf - electric bass

Release date: December 8, 2014


A Double-CD with extensive 54-page booklet featuring Allan Taylor´s recordings selected from CDs now out of print: "Down The Years I Travelled …"

Allan about the new CD: "The albums from which this collection of songs was taken were made between 1984 and 1995. This was without doubt the most creative period of my life. During this time, apart from writing and recording the songs for the albums, I was touring extensively, playing clubs, concerts and festivals throughout the world, and working on various projects for the BBC."

20 songs from this period, when Allan did not produce with Stockfisch yet, remastered! In addition Allan Taylor recorded the title song for this Double-CD this year with Stockfisch: "Down The Years I Travelled …"

Release date: August 29, 2012

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In 2006 Stockfisch-Records offered another experiment: - Sara K.'s album "hell or high water" was released as limited edition in XRCD24 format. This version had been sold out for a long time - but in April 2014 we decided to reissue this XRCD. Made in Japan by JVC.

We had transferred our highresolution soundfiles of Sara K.'s SACD "hell or high water" to the JVC Studios in Yokohama. Renowned sound engineer Kotetsu mastered a XRCD24 from this material: A very interesting and exciting comparison between SACD and XRCD.

"Awesome. Musically, this is some of Sara's best work -- and on an absolute scale is pretty darn good. Sound-wise … this is the best sounding album I've ever heard. It sounds live, real. Simply amazing."


Another vinyl record released by Stockfisch-Records: "more pearls" - Vinyl-Collection

In the year 2006 David Roth released his second album on Stockfisch: On "more pearls" David Roth performs a collection of famous and not that famous „evergreens“ of the anglo-american songwriting: "Though it’s been years since I’ve played some, like cherished old friends they’ve been exhilarating to revisit, relearn, rediscover, and gain new insight from."

We asked our Chinese distributors and friends to select their favourite songs out of David´s "pearls". Now they has been released on an audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP cutted with Stockfisch´s inhouse Direct-Metal-Mastering cutting lathe.

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