Manfred Jaspers

Manfred Jaspers from Northern Germany is known for his singing. He plays many different instruments, including fiddle, dulcimer, mandolin, mandola and English concertina.

He is active as a songwriter and composer and also performs as a solo artist.

Manfred Jaspers

- "co-founder" of the German folk music scene.

"Nach all den Jahren"

Manfred Jaspers started to rediscover German folk songs in the 70s of the last century. All over Europe there was a folk music revival in those years. To distinguish it from "Volksmusik", which had become unperformable through some misuse, young people like Manfred all over Europe called the newly discovered and rearranged music "Folk."

Manfred is thus a "co-founder" of the German folk music scene. He sang and played Irish and Scottish folk in the German band "Beda Folk", then in the group "Moin" Low and High German folk music, preferably songs containing "democratic characters". With the group "Averliekers" he created a "North German" programme.

Manfred Jaspers had already recorded records in the 80s with Günter Pauler in Northeim ("Hell Brennt En Licht - Plattdüütsche Wiehnachtsleeder", "Von einem Tag zum anderen"). The production of "Nach all den Jahren" is therefore a touching re-encounter.

SFR 357.6109.2  •  total time 54:44

Manfred's CD "is a mature work of age, flawlessly produced, with timelessly beautiful folk songs, old and new stories, good ideas and personal thoughts on life and time. Songs and ballads to listen to, to sing along with, to feel and dream along with, sometimes quiet, sometimes a little louder, sometimes political, sometimes very private, always very poetic. One or the other song makes your mind wander, or even your foot tilt, and in passing, everyone goes on their own journey through time with these songs." Mathias Pack


performing on "Nach all den Jahren":

Manfred Jaspers - vocal, guitar / Jens Kommnick - guitar, whistles, bouzouki, violoncello  / Beo Brockhausen - soprano sax / Jojo Schulze - e-bass, fretless bass