Jens Kommnick

„Jens' playing and music go straight to the heart and to the heart of the mind. He is a gift both as a person and a musician.“ Reinhard Mey

Jens Kommnick is, for all his modesty, one of the most interesting and creative German musicians involved in the culture of Celtic countries - if not the most interesting of all.“ Folker!

Jens Kommnick

- from the very top international league of Celtic guitarists.


Once upon a time… - fairy tales often begin with these familiar and beloved words. But only fairy tales? It can’t be a coincidence that Jens Kommnick opens his new solo album “Stringed” with the piece “Es war einmal (Once Upon a Time)”. He says “It’s at least 10 years since this piece almost accidentally came into being! To my ears it sets the foundations to the opening of an atmospheric fairy tale.” The composition is more than that: it’s a magical prelude to a very special album…

In the lovingly designed booklet there’s also the touching story of a little boy, who receives a songbook from his mother as a birthday present, so that he can learn to play the guitar. The boy musters the courage to write a letter to the author of the book and asks for an autograph. “For Jens” writes the author, Reinhard Mey, on the card, “not having any idea that this would mark the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” The boy was Jens Kommnick; he later became friends with Reinhard Mey, who wrote the introduction in the booklet, recalling with his warm-hearted words this story from many years ago. In a touching gesture, Jens Kommnick has included a cover of Reinhard Mey’s song “Lass nun ruhig los das Ruder” on this album.

On his way to becoming one of the most remarkable and popular guitarists and instrumentalists of this country, Jens Kommnick developed his own unique and unmistakable style on the guitar – a style between “celtic fingerstyle guitar”, classical, jazz and folk. The new album “Stringed” –surprisingly only his fourth album– marks a special point in the impressive musical journey of the 56 year-old guitarist.

Super-Audio-CD Hybrid: SACD Stereo + CD-Layer
SFR 357.4105.2  •  total time 59:27

Once upon a time… Fairy tales enchant those who read them – we all remember them – often leaving a smile on the readers’ faces. In a magical way, the new solo-album “Stringed” from Jens Kommnick also has the same effect.
Marc Liese, Februar 2022

Also available as Vinyl-LP (180g).

SFR 357.8105.1  •  total time 47:00  •  180g-LP


performing on "Stringed":

Jens Kommnick - guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, cello, fretless bass, piano, harpsichord