David Munyon

All of David Munyons songs are preserved in his already legendary and voluminous songbook, which in the meantime contains almost 500 unique songs.

David’s dream of becoming a famous movie star unfortunately didn’t transpire, as we can glean from the booklet, but that is just one aspect. It is an irrefutable fact that within the American singer-songwriter tradition he is on a par with such luminaries as Bob Dylan and Townes van Zandt, a fact which far too few music-lovers have discovered for themselves. Brian Wilson quotes Munyon as being "probably one of the best songwriters ever!" Enough said!


David Munyon

- one of the major singer-songwriter discoveries! Listen to his voice.

Tracklisting / Samples

"Purple Cadillacs"

David Munyon had been on tour through Germany in April 2013. Just in time Stockfisch Records releases a CD with the latest recordings of David Munyon: 13 Songs of the tireless creative songwriter and guitarist from Alabama can be heard on his new album "Purple Cadillacs" that was recorded in Northeim.

Including many pieces written in the last year, as well as new recordings of his "classic" repertoire like "Song For Danko", "Rosa´s Cantina" or "Prayers Of Elvis Presley". David Munyon sings with his typical intense voice about typical American themes ("Riding Around The World"), about emotions ("Watercolors, Baby For You"), about spirituality ("Help Me Krishna") -

- Munyon's dramas of the heart recall Dylan, Cohen and Townes Van Zandt, but the huskied honey voice and visions of redemption are inimitable.

total time 68:21
SFR 357.6083.2

The music and arrangements on "Purple Cadillacs" remember rather to David Munyon´s Stockfisch CD "Poet Wind" from 1998. This is certainly connected with the fact that David had wanted again the participation of Britsh musician Mike Silver, who with his guitar and his typical background vocals gives the songs on "Purple Cadillacs" a characteristic color.

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performing on this CD "Purple Cadillacs":

David Munyon - vocal & guitar / Ian Melrose - acoustic & electric guitars, tambura, low whistle, xaphoon / Mike Silver - background vocals, guitars / Urs Fuchs - electric bass / Thomas Kagermann - violin


"Pretty Blue"

Twelve wonderful songs have been carefully chosen from this collection - bedded in a varied mixture of styles from Americana, blues and folk to rock – for the eagerly-awaited new studio album “Pretty Blue”. These profound and predominantly autobiographical stories tell of stations in David Munyons eventful life. Each song is a jewel in itself, shining with a dazzling beauty born of David’s love and deeply felt beliefs.

Sit back, enjoy and soak in this special listening experience with „goose-bumps“ guarantee! David Munyon sings many extremely personal, deeply touching love songs with his very intense voice – a voice which gets right under your skin, and these songs could not have been arranged and instrumented more sensitively or suitably: among others by Lutz Möller on the Fender Rhodes, Ian Melrose on guitars, Hans-Jörg Maucksch and Grischka Zepf on basses.

An extensive and detailed booklet - with surprising photos from David’s private family album and fascinating liner notes about his cryptic lyrics - rounds the whole thing off perfectly and is a fitting accompaniment to this masterpiece!

total time 64:50
SFR 357.6072.2


performing on this album "Pretty Blue":

David Munyon - vocal & guitar / Ian Melrose - acoustic & electric guitar, dobro, low whistle / Lutz Möller - fender rhodes / Dagmar Wirtz - backing vocals / Hans-Jörg Maucksch - fretless bass, percussion / Grischka Zepf - electric bass / Bernd Junker - drums


"Big Shoes"

"His singing comes from a depth where all our feelings originate. He sings with a voice like from another era. He plays the guitar as if it was made ​​solely for its harmonies. Quietly, very quietly. But vividly, very vividly ..."

Stockfisch Records had released his CD Album „Big Shoes“ in 2009, on which David Munyon sings folk and rock songs of his favourite musical heroes, e.g.: "Purple Rain" (Prince), Sugar Mountain (Neil Young), Father And Son (Cat Stevens), Imagine (John Lennon), Ol´55 (Tom Waits), Forever Young (Bob Dylan) and many more ...

"This great song poet and still rather traded as insiders' tip singer-songwriter from Alabama deserves the highest attention and recognition!"

total time 76:44
SFR 357.6058.2


performing on this album "Big Shoes":

David Munyon - vocal & guitar / Ian Melrose - acoustic & electric guitar, whistle, low whistle / Martin Huch - pedal steel, hollow neck guitar, dobro, electric guitar / Siard de Jong - violin, waldzither / Martin Großkurth - hammond organ, memotron / Beo Brockhausen - mandolin, glockenspiel / Lea Morris - harmony vocals / Felix Gödecke - chimes / Udo Weihrauch - banjo / Thomas Biller - upright bass / Hans-Jörg Maucksch - fretless bass / Grischka Zepf - electric bass / Inés Breuer - sound collage on „Industry“.


Tracklisting / Samples

  • 1 WTVY 95.5-FM, Dothan, AL
  • 2 The Changes Always Win
  • 3 Malcomb Wood
  • 4 Blue and Grey
  • 5 Lookin' at the Rain
  • 6 Maureen O'Hara
  • 7 I Am a Ramblin' Man
  • 8 Praying for the Yankees
  • 9 I Couldn't Stay
  • 10 Norwegian Blue
  • 11 Tune for Vishnu
  • 12 Four Wild Horses
  • 13 At the End of the River

"More Songs for Planet Earth"

David Munyon obliviously continues to write the book of singer/songwriting. Admired by all artists of this kind and by everybody who is captured by his charismatic songs.

Stockfisch Records was lucky to have documentated 25 outstanding recordings from the David Munyon sessions in 1996/97 – done in high-bit quality.

"Marked through hardship and day-to-day experiences he creates his own world, expressed via his very unique songs. He simply follows his nature and performs his music and writes songs. He’s an original thinker, a philosopher, trying to find his own way and understanding for a world that isn’t always Paradise."

SFR 357.6032.2  •  total time 67:10  •  CD

At his concerts this musician can be looked deep into the soul. He makes it happen. He is like an open book. His biography reads like a novel. From walking and staying on. Of faith and of hope. Of successes and losses. Of Loss. From getting. From proceeding.


performing on this album "More Songs for Planet Earth" :

David Munyon - vocal, guitar / Chris Jones - guitar, dobro / Martin Huch - pedal-steel / Mike Silver - backing vocals / Steve Baker - blues harmonica / Thomas Klippel - hammond b3 / Hans-Jörg Maucksch - bass / Beo Brockhausen - mandola, tin-whistle, hurdy-gurdy, jew´s harp, e-bow, accordion, sitar, didgeridoo, percussion


Tracklisting / Samples

  • 1 Bahnhof Tanz
  • 2 Amer Stocking
  • 3 Men with No Friends
  • 4 Words of Love
  • 5 Unknown Blues
  • 6 The O.K. Corral
  • 7 Neat Shoes
  • 8 Louisiana
  • 9 Pork Chop Song
  • 10 I Wish I Was in Ireland
  • 11 Bastian
  • 12 Strawberries an' Wild Honey
  • 13 With any Luck at All

"Seven Leaves in a Blue Bowl of Water"

David Munyon requested that these tracks be accompanied by Stockfisch´s "house" musicians - Chris Jones, Mike Silver, Hans-Jörg Maucksch, Beo Brockhausen, to name just a few. The resulting two CDs are continuing chapters of David´s life as a singer/songwriter.

"Munyon´s voice is one you will instantly recognize, it is unique, his guitar/vocal songs are unique, and I have noticed that in the last five years, he has been the most frequent singer in my stereo system. I rank Munyon as one of the top 10 singer-songwriters in the US. God knows how difficult it is to describe greatness, or to explain it, I can just say he’s a great singer, or how good are his lyrics, and you won’t understand until you listen." Moshe Benarroch.

"His rural songs are like bare bones, direct and open, stripped from all decorations. His style is carved by life itself."

total time 67:59
SFR 357.6033.2


performing on this album "Seven Leaves in a Blue Bowl of Water" :

David Munyon - vocal, guitar / Chris Jones - guitar, 12-string guitar / Martin Huch - pedal-steel / Mike Silver - backing vocals / Steve Baker - blues harmonica / Thomas Klippel - hammond b3 / Hans-Jörg Maucksch - bass / Beo Brockhausen - gu-zheng, bamboo bass-flute, soprano saxophone, accordion, tin-whistle, sitar


Tracklisting / Samples

"Poet Wind"

David Munyon’s first tour of Germany in 1994 left behind audiences that were too moved for words.

SHe has turned his stories and experiences into more than 400 songs, which he sings with introspection, tenderness and an unbelievable intensity. Townes van Zandt, Lee Clayton, John Prine and Randy Newman may have been some of his varied influences, but "Not since Neil Young’s 'Ragged Glory' have the hearts of Rock ‘n’ Roll Folkies been so touched" (this written in the German newspaper "Die ZEIT".

In 1998, Stockfisch released David’s second CD on their label: "Poet Wind".

total time 57:33
SFR 357.6017.2


performing on this album "Poet Wind" :

David Munyon - vocal, guitar / Chris Jones - guitar / Mike Silver - guitar, backing vocals / Hrolfur Vagnsson - accordion / Freek Borstlap - Viola da gamba / Martin Großkurth - hammond b3 / Heike Neumeyer - backing vocals / Partha Chatterjee - sitar / Hans-Jörg Maucksch - bass / Beo Brockhausen - piano - flute, saxophone, accordion, harmonium, tin-whistle, sarod, gaida, dholak, swarmandal



Tracklisting / Samples

  • 1. Mississippi Rain
  • 2. This Man Flies To Africa - 1979
  • 3. Severe Austerities
  • 4. Delphia's Rhyme
  • 5. St. Charlie's Phone Call
  • 6. Slim Possibility
  • 7. Iron And Wooden Road
  • 8. N.Y.C.
  • 9. Is It Really You
  • 10. Somewhat Delayed Deja-Vu
  • 11. Probably Just A Broken Heart
  • 12. Bakersfield

"Slim Possibilities"

In 1996, David Munyon recorded his first release "Slim Possibilities" ” on the Stockfisch label, in a joint venture with Glitterhouse Records.

"Günter Pauler created a breathtaking backing sound that the listener will be speechless about. Pauler had a little help of musician like, Chris Jones: Guitars, Harmony vocal, Hans-Jörg Maucksch: Electric Bass, Frank Fiedler: Acoustic bass, Beo Brockhausen: Hurdy-Gurdy, Jew's-harp, John Hickman: Banjo, Byron Berline: Fiddle, Steve Baker: Harp and Hrolfur Vagnsson: Accordion."

"Already on the first track, Mississippi Rain, you will hear the sound of the typical Munyon fretless bass guitar and an acoustic guitar solo of the master himself. The power on this album you will find in, Slim Possibilities." - from:

SFR 357.6012.2  •  total time 62:03  •  CD