Christian Kjellvander

"Christian Kjellvander is a Swedish singer-songwriter with a winning blend of American/European folk, country and rock.

A graduate of the Jay Farrar School of Earthy Americana and Rhodes scholar at the Richard Buckner Academy of Moody Soundscape Architecture, he is as natural and gifted a songwriter as his aforementioned peers. Having lived in the US up until 1993 he has clearly kept a close eye on the alternative country scene since, delving into its roots. Beautiful and timeless." Maverick

Christian Kjellvander

- creating his own world of twangy, folky reflection and mood-filled melody.

"Solo Live"

"If you take a few male performers who have been at the vanguard of the Americana movement, Will Oldham, Richard Buckner, Sam Beam and David Pajo, merge them together in Sweden, and this is pretty much what you’d get. Like Nicolai Dunger, Kjellvander has completely assimilated his influences and is able to make music that is to some extent the equal of them."Americana UK

"Christian Kjellvander apparently moved to Sweden from the US in the early 1990s. He formed a band, The Loosegoats, who released a number of well-received albums. Now Stockfisch has released his first solo live album. Kjellvander is a pagpie of influences, both European and American - bit of the Jayhawks here , a touch of Townes Van Zandt there, a sense of Fairport Convention here and there." The Irish Times

When Christian Kjellvander toured Europe last year, he visited Stockfisch-Records. Spontaneously Günter Pauler recorded "Solo Live" - a solo performance in the Bürgersaal, Northeim, on May 16, 2015.

SFR 357.6089.2  •  total time 48:46


performing on "Solo Live":

Christian Kjellvander  -  vocal & guitar