Chris Jones (2005 †)

"Among fans of high-quality guitar music, Chris Jones rightly enjoys cult status.

His unusual career began at the age of 14, when he was awarded the „Young Composer of the Year“ prize at the renowned Peabody Conservatory in Maryland, USA. By the early 1980s he had already made a name for himself with his unique guitar style, which ranged from sensitive ballad renditions to driving rockers, his soulful vocals and impressive songwriting talents. As well as countless recordings as a studio musician, Jones released three solo albums. Despite his death at the early age of 46, Chris Jones left a legacy which will be remembered long after he‘s gone." Steve Baker

Chris Jones

- the late guitar-virtuoso and impressive singer from Reno, Nevada.

"If this is the end of the line, you ain´t gonna hear me cryin´ - it´s been a damn good run."  Chris Jones, † 13.9.2005

We deeply mourn the loss of Chris Jones, who was closely connected with Stockfisch for more than 23 years as outstanding guitarist and friend. The urn burial and the memorial concert took place on 25th Oct. 2005 in Ammerbuch near Tübingen. The enormous success of Sara K. and Chris Jones on their NAUTILUSTOUR 2002 prompted the English loudspeaker manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins to spontaneously offer to provide the same PA system for this memorial concert. Among the artists appearing in this benefit concert were Sara K., Allan Taylor, Christian Willisohn, Werner Lämmerhirt, Paul Stephenson, Noel Shannon, Kieran Halpin, Steve Baker, Geraldine MacGowan, Brian O´Connor …

Many thanks to Birgit Fediu from Ammerbuch, who takes care of the Chris Jones gravesite.

Many of the artists, who had the chance of working with him and enjoying his musical accompaniment, sent there personal memories of Chris Jones.



  • Where Are You Going
  • Morning Light
  • No Looking Back
  • Moving You Out
  • Willing
  • B-Side
  • Anny
  • The Road
  • Good Reason
  • The Nightingale Song
  • Bottle Song

"No Looking Back"

In 1982, a 24-year-old guitarist named Chris Jones came to our studio in Northeim to record 10 songs for his first album. On a 2" tape recorder and mixer: Günter Pauler.

At that time, the marvelously creative collaboration between Stockfisch-Records and the ingenious guitarist Chris Jones began - and it should last more than two decades.

When Chris Jones's CD "moonstruck" was produced at Stockfisch in the winter of '99/2000, we decided to add the meanwhile out of print album "No Looking Back" to this album as Bonus-CD. On the occasion of the release Chris wrote: "My first LP (yes, it was before CDs existed!) "No Looking Back" is included in it's digitally re-mastered form 1982, other than me getting old and fat. The songs are still personal (maybe even more so, I've lived and learned a lot in these 17 years) and the music means just as much to me now as it did back then."

SFR 357.8001.1  •  total time 39:48  •  180g-LP

Who would have thought that in 2017 it would be possible to publish these wonderful 10 titles again as a long-playing record? The current vinyl renaissance makes it possible.


performing on this album "No Looking Back":

Chris Jones - vocals, guitars, bass / Oss Rentz & Ulrike Frank - backing vocals / Wojtek Bolimowski - violin / John Heinrich - pedal steel / Hennes Essers - blues harp / Pele Reinnarth - bass / Hans-Jörg Maucksch - fretless bass


Tracklisting / Samples

  • 1. Roadhouses & Automobiles
  • 2. Thank You (R.J. Reynolds)
  • 3. Darlin’ Cory
  • 4. The Last Fallen Leaf
  • 5. No Sanctuary Here
  • 6. Fender Bender
  • 7. God Moves on the Water
  • 8. Set ’em up, Joe
  • 9. Jolanda’s Wedding March
  • 10. Hoof Jelly
  • 11. Don’t Need Your Religion
  • 12. Cold Creature

"Roadhouses & Automobiles"

Chris Jones, well-known from the Nautilustour 2002, where he appeared as a guitar-virtuoso, arises on his new solo-Album as a productive songwriter and impressive vocalist.

Listening to Roadhouses & Automobiles - also the titelsong of this CD - is really a lot of fun: A Ry Cooder-sound (with tuba und trumpet), Appalachian-style, gurgling solos on the Hammond-organ, outstanding virtuoso instrumentals (unedited!!) and many more – Chris Jones at his best!

"State of the art album, finally got one! Few years ago, as one of audiophiles, I was on B&W show in Croatia and heard one goooood song, "No sanctuary here". After that song, I wasn't interested on speakers anymore :) sorry B&W. I was only interested in buying that CD. This album is quality recorded, real audiophile release. Mix of country and blues with perfect voice and guitar of Chris Jones. Highly recommended!"

SFR 357.6027.2  •  total time 51:59  •  CD

Chris Jones' last album with Stockfisch from 2003 has posthumously been established over the years as a de facto standard for listening tests and demo sessions. Songs like „No Sanctuary Here“ are used by live mixers for checking the stage PAs, pieces like „Fender Bender“ have repeatedly inspired guit-bass drum trios, the title song „Roadhouse & Automobiles“ has a warm, intense width, which captivates the listeners. For all of those, who like the analog sound, Stockfisch now releases „Roadhouses & Automobiles“ on Vinyl: as 180g Double-12“, 45rpm.

SFR 357.8027.1  •  total time 48:45  •  2LP

"I just snagged a copy of Chris Jones’ Roadhouses & Automobiles. All I have to say is this: Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Buy this disc. Now. Just do it.I’m totally lovin’ the country groove. And the sound quality is some of the best I have ever heard. Just stellar. My new “resolution test” track is the title track. If you hear the crickets, you’re off to a good start. If you can’t hear the crickets, it’s time to start upgrading! Another favorite? The track “No Sanctuary Here”. Love that bass attack. Makes me want to crank it up just to have the room shake with that big bass hum."


performing on this album "Roadhouses & Automobiles":

Chris Jones - vocals, guitars / Grischka Zepf - electric bass / Siard de Jong - fiddle, mandolin / Nils Tuxen - pedal steel / Martin Huch - pedal steel / Wolfgang Beisert - mandolin / Beo Brockhausen - saxophone, african bow harp / Hans-Jörg Maucksch - fretless bass / Christina Lux - backing vocals / Thomas Klippel - hammond b3 / Lutz Möller - piano / Christian Rien - trumpet / Michael Kleinhans - tuba / Yogi Jockusch - percussion / Christian Archontidis - drums


Tracklisting / Samples

  • (would you) break my heart
  • anymore
  • all your love (turned to passion)
  • in the fall (maggie´s dream)
  • turned my upside down
  • stop those bells
  • ball 'n joint
  • running away from you
  • he got you
  • water falls
  • blind hearted
  • vincent

Sara K. & Chris Jones - "live in concert"

The Nautilustour 2002 was impressive not only due to amazing performances from Sara K and the incredible live sound – the choice of backing guitarist proved to be a winner, as well. Chris Jones, the guitarist (and singer) from Reno, Nevada, is characterized by his colleagues as "the best-kept secret in the acoustic guitar world”. Critics, always searching for a category to put Chris in, have compared him with Ry Cooder and rightly so. However, this is only ONE facet of his phenomenal musicality.

In order to properly document the Nautilus-Tour in May/June 2002, Günter Pauler took along his "portable” studio – digital multi-track technology of the highest order, with which he recorded all 25 concerts. After listening to the tapes, the decision was unanimous – the concert in Erlangen’s City Hall on June 15th, 2002 topped them all. The performance, atmosphere and sheer energy that Sara and Chris presented here was simply overwhelming.

This live recording is a must-have, not only for folks that experienced this incredible show.

SFR 357.6030.2  •  total time 71:40  •  CD


performing on this album "Sara K. & Chris Jones - live in concert" :

Sara K. - vocals, 4-string guitar / Chris Jones - guitar, dobro


Tracklisting / Samples

  • Long After You´re Gone *
  • 2 Would Not Have It Any Other Way
  • 3 Ain´t Got Love
  • 4 Hard Times
  • 5 Long Long Journey
  • 6 Looking For Words
  • 7 God Save The Child
  • 8 Love Is The Answer
  • 9 Borderline
  • 10 Transcontinental Post-Nativity Blues
  • 11 Angel From Montgomery
  • 12 Maria´s Lullaby

  • CD 2

  • 1 Where Are You Going
  • 2 Morning Light
  • 3 No Looking Back
  • 4 Moving You Out
  • 5 Willing
  • 6 Anny
  • 7 The Road
  • 8 Good Reason
  • 9 The Nightingale Song
  • 10 Bottle Song

"moonstruck / No Looking Back"

Chris Jones- the extraordinary guitarist that has appeared on many Stockfisch productions. Chris Jones produced his double-CD release in the winter of 1999/2000. He was assisted by some great musicians, among them Michael Sagmeister and Viktor Smolski …

This CD was released as a special edition: The millennium release moonstruck together with Chris’ first solo album No Looking Back (1982) – until now only available as a vinyl LP.

(* The instrumental sample on the start page of this Stockfisch Records website is taken from Chris Jones´ song "Long After You´re Gone".)

SFR 357.6020.2-2  •  total time 50:43 bzw. 39:09  •  Doppel-CD

Chris Jones about this Double-CD: "I think this CD is probably unique, in that it captures my music over a span of 17 years - Moonstruck is actually 2 separate CDs, my first LP (yes, it was before CDs existed!) "No Looking Back" is included in it's digitally re-mastered form. Although my vocals have improved over the years, not that much has changed since 1983, other than me getting old and fat. The songs are still personal (maybe even more so, I've lived and learned a lot in those 17 years) and the music means just as much to me now as it did back then. If you like honest acoustic music, you'll like Moonstruck."

"Es kommt nicht so oft vor, daß Musiker unvermittelt ihre Aktivitäten unterbrechen, lauschen und fragen: Wer ist das denn? Chris Jones - nicht so bekannt vielleicht aber einfach gut. Ein excellentes Gitarrenspiel und eine besondere Stimme, hervoragend im Zusammenspiel mit kongenialen Kollegen." -

"Apart from the strong roster of songs, the power and clarity of the recording are truly exceptional. …

Soulful, bluesy, bluegrass with a touch of gospel and super-potent bass (though not on every track) is perhaps the best way to describe it. It's an album of good strong songs with lots of feeling, maybe a sort of pumped-up James Taylor with flavours of Mark Cohn and Gordon Lightfoot. The opener, I Could Be Singing This Song Long After You're Gone, is an absolute killer. …

If nothing else, it's an exceptionally powerful recording with which to give your hi-fi system an exhilarating workout and impress your guests ~ that bass is really addictive right from the word go. If played at high level, it'll swiftly warm up the heat sinks adjacent to the output transistors on your power amplifier/s and tell you what items in your listening room are susceptible to rattling." - Julian Stevens


performing on this album "moonstruck" :

Chris Jones - vocals, guitars, dobro / Grischka Zepf - electric & upright bass / Conny Sommer - percussion / Maik Kroner - drums / Annie Grace - backing vocals / Michael Sagmeister - rhythm & solo guitar on „Love Is The Answer“ / Gerd Vogel - electric slide guitar on „Long Long Journey“ / VOICE OF JOY - backing vocals on „Long Long Journey“ / Martin Großkurth - Hammond B3 / Wojtek Bolimowski - violin on „Hard Times“ / Christian Struck - oboe on „Hard Times“ / Victor Smolski - electric guitar on „Transcontinental Post-Nativity Blues“

performing on this album "No Looking Back" :

Chris Jones - vocals, guitars, bass / Oss Rentz & Ulrike Frank - backing vocals / Wojtek Bolimowski - violin / John Heinrich - pedal steel / Hennes Essers - blues harp / Pele Reinnarth - bass / Hans-Jörg Maucksch - fretless bass