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TTC-PRO Loudspeaker Cable

Stockfisch-Records upgraded their own loudspeaker cable based on the results of new researches about a cluster of coaxial cables. More …

Ian Smith

"Last Call" He’s been in the business - and on the road - for over 30 years, and the new album “Last Call” marks his first production for the Northeim sound-specialists also as Vinyl-Edition.

HiRes Downloads

Often requested - finally available in the Stockfisch online shop: Selected Stockfisch productions downloadable as 24bit/88.2kHz or 24bit/44.1kHz FLAC files. Shop ...

宋祖英 Song Zuying

"Epics Of Love" Renowned Chinese vocalist Song Zuying, accompanied by the "China Philharmonic Orchestra", performs an anthology of ancient Chinese love poems - nominated for the GRAMMY 2015. More …

Charlie McGettigan

"Some Old Someone ..." - the Irish Singer/Songwriter Charlie McGettigan (1994 Eurovision Song Contest winner) presents his debut-album on Stockfisch.

Stockfisch DMM-SACD Vol.2

The second DMM-CD/SACD released 2016. 12 tracks selected from recent Stockfisch repertoire, at first cut into copper-master and immediately digitized with 1bit-DSD HiTech equipment.

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Stockfisch-Records & Pauler Acoustics: closer to the music©


It all began with the recordings of Werner Lämmerhirt and David Qualey ...

For more than 40 years, the Stockfisch label has been releasing the work of well and not-so-well known artists from the European guitar scene, the 70's Folk revival and has paid special attention to the (Anglo-American) singer/songwriter scene!

In addition to well known stars, Stockfisch-Records offers an interesting line-up of the newest discoveries in the musician´s scene and moreover very special recordings: Direct-to-Disc cuttings connecting the recording studio directly to the inhouse Direct-Metal-Mastering cutting lathe, interesting classical recordings in special locations or "Pure Audio Blu-Ray-Disc" with Sara K.! Stockfisch stands for audiophile sound-quality.

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A new Audio-Format: the Stockfisch DMM-CD/SACD

It has become common knowledge that, contrary to the trend of downloads and mp3 players, an increased preference for the vinyl record - now in it’s 60th year - is being experienced. Many music lovers prefer the special sound of the vinyl record. However, many do not like to hear the "classic" artifacts arising from the vinyl pressing: distortion, rumble, vertical and lateral aberrations, groove noise, crackling, clicks, etc.

We at Pauler Acoustics have developed a new record format (DMM-CD), which contains only the desired sound and typical tonal qualities of a vinyl record. Our method is based on the fact that the "vinyl sound" in the first place is created as a result of transferring an analogue or digital master on to a copper-coated stainless steel disk (Direct Metal Mastering).

The crucial step to DMM-CD:

Our Neumann VMS-82 cutting lathe functions as the original record player, because after the cutting process, we leave the copper master on the lathe held firmly by vacuum suction. This way the disc has no vertical or lateral movement, which would affect the tracking of the pick-up stylus.

Using the best possible components, we play back the signal from the freshly cut groove. The output of the JPA66 cutting curve equalizer transfers the analog signal to the "Meitner EMM Labs adc 8 MK IV" converter. The DSD signal is then recorded at a sampling rate of 2.8224 MHz on to our SADiE DSD8 mastering system.

With this new sophisticated process, a new digital recording media has emerged retaining the original sound of a Vinyl-LP but without the unwanted side effects. The DMM-CD/SACD gives you the direct sound of the DMM Copper cut - without having to go through the stages of pressing a record. more…

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