all vinyl editions from STOCKFISCH-RECORDS

• Allan Taylor - "The Road Well Travelled" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Allan Taylor's years "On the Road" are in the past. The songwriter, singer and guitarist has retired from the concert tour life. At most, there may still be a few selected appearances.

What remains are his songs, which tell of encounters and impressions on the road. For over 50 years now, Allan Taylor has been able to put his experiences and thoughts into words and sensitively shape them musically.

Details       SFR 357.8107.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv)

• Vinyl-Collection Vol.4
  180g-Vinyl LP

To coincide with the release of the new Stockfisch SACD "Closer to the Music Vol.6", we are now also releasing the next "Stockfisch Vinyl Collection": "Vol.4" contains 10 tracks from our productions of the last few years - of course no tracks that are on the "Closer to the Music Vol.6" SACD.

We again cut the direct metal masters for this record on the studio's own NEUMANN VMS82.

Details       SFR 357.8022.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• STOCKFISCH - DMM-Dubplate Vol.2

After the great success and the many positive feedbacks, we have now "reissued" the Stockfisch DMM-DUBPLATE Vol.2 with a new selection of five Stockfisch recordings.

The DMM-Dubplate - in opposite to usually pressed vinyl records - avoids issues like pre-echos and crackling noises. The high purity phosphate-copper has very little groove noise and clicking noises are seldom.

Details       SFR 357.0002.1    (678,- EUR)

• Anne Clark - "Borderland" 2LP
    180g-Vinyl 2LP 33rpm

Anne Clark: The style icon of electronic music and at the same time "spoken word" artist surprises with an acoustic album at Stockfisch - borderland between poetry and music.

The Brit speaks her poetry with care, letting the magic of her voice and every word work and unfold. The music enhances the poignancy of this poetry.

Details       SFR 357.8106.1    (33,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Hannes Wader - "Noch hier - was ich noch singen wollte" 2LP
    180g-Vinyl 2LP 33rpm

A lot has happened in the life of singer HANNES WADER in recent years, both professionally and privately. The songs on "Noch hier - Was ich noch singen wollte" reflect this in an impressive way.

One of the highlights of the new album is definitely a duet with his long-time friend REINHARD MEY. The two sing "Le temps des cerises", an old French love and revolution song - and favourite song of both.

Details       SFR 357.8104.1    (33,50 EUR+deliv.)

• STOCKFISCH - DMM-Dubplate Vol.1

"Our DMM lathe cuts the audio into a copper plated steel disc. We normally use this process to create a 14" DMM-Master that is sent to pressing plants for the production of vinyl records. Our new DMM-Dubplate however, is about the same size as a regular vinyl record. This makes it possible to play it on any record player and helps you bypass the loss in sound quality that is caused by the additional steps in the production of records, such as galvanic processes and the pressing of the vinyl."

"The DMM-Dubplate avoids issues like pre-echos and crackling noises. The high purity phosphate-copper has very little groove noise and clicking noises are seldom. Only one side of a DMM disc is recordable since the backside is not copper plated. Because every DMM-Dubplate is unique, the client’s name will be handwritten on the label."

Details       SFR 357.0001.1    (678,- EUR)

• the bassface swing trio, feat. Bruno Müller - "bossa, ballads & blues" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Weightlessly light, yet grounded: that’s how the music on the new album from Bassface Swing Trio sounds. For this session they invited Bruno Müller, one of Germany’s most renowned jazz guitarists, and it was worth it! Because Müller is a perfect fit for the swing trio with his warm guitar sound.

The fact that they recorded these tracks live through an analog chain with the Neumann VMS-82 lathe cutting a DMM-Matrix in real-time shows at what a high-level these musicians are playing. Direct-To-Disc: honest music with no safety net and no ground. The listeners experience a maximally authentic reproduction of the sounds of the instruments as the musicians elevate swing-standards into the sphere of timeless beauty.

Details       SFR 357.8101.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Jens Kommnick - "Stringed" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Once upon a time… - fairy tales often begin with these familiar and beloved words. But only fairy tales? It can’t be a coincidence that Jens Kommnick opens his new solo album “Stringed” with the piece “Es war einmal (Once Upon a Time)”.

His compositions make one thing clearly perceptible and audible: this is Jens Kommnick himself, who lends a soul to the songs with his human warmth. Once upon a time… Fairy tales enchant those who read them –we all remember them– often leaving a smile on the readers’ faces. In a magical way, the new solo-album “Stringed” from Jens Kommnick also has the same effect, recorded brilliantly at the Stockfisch studios.

Details       SFR 357.8105.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Steve Folk - "Departure" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Steve Folk is a rare breed of songwriter that leaves nothing hidden nor shrouded from view. His songs, beautifully constructed paeans of life’s trials and tribulations, are always delivered with unflinching honesty. Folk by name, ‘folk’ by nature.

His dry, deadpan delivery and candid persona has endeared himself to a growing audience of music lovers. "Departure" is a beautiful reminder that we need to cherish what we have here around us in the present whilst it’s here.

Details       SFR 357.8099.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Allan Taylor - Win Or Lose "Analog Pearls Vol. 6" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

"The idea to re-release 'Win or Lose' on Stockfisch Records came from Günter Pauler after I had sent him the original master-tape that I had found amongst my archive material.

I thought he might be interested, mainly because the original quality of recording was so good. Furthermore, it fell within the parameters of quality that Stockfisch demand from all of their recordings, so we decided to go ahead with the idea, releasing it on the 'Analog Pearls' series." Allan Taylor, 2020

Details       SFR 357.8806.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv)

• Katja Werker - "Contact Myself 2.0" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Katja Werker: "During an intensive phase of radical changes and new beginnings in 2018 - 2020 a wish grow in me to record the songs from “Contact Myself” anew for the 20th anniversary of this album.

It would be live and minimalistic – exactly like how I wrote them in my kitchen in Hamburg back then. Stockfisch was the only label I considered for this project."

Details       SFR 357.8102.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv)

• Ian Smith - "Last Call" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Ian Smith - an excellent guitarist, singer and songwriter with Scottish roots from the “Keadue Strand” in Donegal/Ireland, as mentioned in the song of the same name.

He’s been in the business - and on the road - for over 30 years, and the new album “Last Call” marks his first production for the Northeim sound-specialists also as Vinyl-Edition.

Details       SFR 357.8094.1    (25,50 EUR+Porto)

• David Roth - "Meet you where you are" 2LP
    180g-Vinyl 2LP 45rpm

The album "Pearl Diver" (2004) marked the beginning of an extremely fruitful cooperation between the American song poet David Roth and Günter Pauler from Stockfisch Records. Talking about his first encounter with the Chicago singer/songwriter David Roth, Pauler said at that time: "I was impressed by how he takes up vastly different topics with a self-confident intuition and turns them into works of art".

Details       SFR 357.8095.1    (33,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Craig Hadden & Charlie Carr - Old Gold "Analog Pearls Vol. 4" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Stockfisch Records is happy to present this 40-year-old recording of Craig Hadden & Charlie Carr recreating some of their favourite songs from the 1950s.

Originally pressed on vinyl in very small numbers in 1980, this rare recording has now been transferred from the original reel-to-reel master and is being re-released as vinyl also

Details       SFR 357.8804.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Chris Jones & Charlie Carr - "Analog Pearls Vol. 3" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

In 1979 Chris Jones and Charlie Carr came together to record some of their own songs along with a few traditional pieces.

The tapes of this recording lay hidden in the Stockfisch archive for 40 years, only to resurface again in 2019. Stockfisch Records is glad to release the results of this collaboration as the third album in its "Analog Pearls" series.

Details       SFR 357.8803.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Allan Taylor – "In The Groove Vol.2" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Allan Taylor: "I have chosen these particular tracks mainly because I know that those of you who play the vinyl records usually play them on superb sound systems, and therefore appreciate the quality."

"How this sound is achieved I don’t know; I’m just the guy who writes the songs and performs them, but the Stockfisch team are the experts in recording. I’m grateful to the team for continuing to work to such high standards to make my music sound so good."

Details       SFR 357.8017.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv) available from March 22

• Ranagri - "Playing For Luck" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Regardless of whether you have an award-winning harpist, a flute player comfortable in all styles, a busy multi-instrumentalist or a singer-songwriter who travels the world, these different backgrounds and horizons, experiences and peculiarities flow seamlessly into the Ranagri melting pot. The resulting music-mixture is a unique, sometimes singable, sometimes mystical musical fairytale world between intricate folk music, noble and elegant pop, artful and beautiful sounds, sympathetic pub-rock and flowing, eloquent singer-songwriter art.

"Playing For Luck" - now also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP cutted with Stockfisch´s inhouse Direct-Metal-Mastering cutting lathe.

Details       SFR 357.8096.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv) available from March 22

• Sara K. & Chris Jones - "Live in Concert" DLP
    180g-Vinyl 2LP 33rpm

"Let's be honest. Live albums are often bland; the songs pale versions of lavish studio originals. This one is different. The texan songwriter and her sideman turned into groove masters during this concert in June 2002."

In 2018 Stockfisch is finally releasing the album "Sara K. & Chris Jones - Live in Concert" on double-vinyl for the first time for all fans of analog domain.

Details       SFR 357.8030.1    (33,50 EUR+deliv)

• Brian Flanagan - "Where Dreams Are Made" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Love, loss, self-pity, recognising chances and taking them - or not, almost mystical nature experiences, life-changing encounters, art and artists, environmental protection, human rights: it is truly a broad, moving and very current spectrum of themes which Irish singer-songwriter Brian Flanagan has worked through in the eleven tracks of his first Stockfisch-album.

This beautiful recording with Brian Flanagan is also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP Edition.

Details       SFR 357.8091.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv)

• Carrie Newcomer – "The Slender Thread" DLP
    180g-Vinyl 2LP 45rpm

Carrie Newcomer is a songwriter, recording artist, performer and educator. A friendly, un-dogmatic but at the same time deep spirituality is at the core of her artistry.

All of this alone would be impressive, but it is Carrie’s deep and warm voice which ultimately dissolves any resistance and pulls you in, never to let you go. There is a reason why she is often compared to iconic singers such as Karen Carpenter or Mary Chapin Carpenter: “a voice as rich as Godiva chocolate”. Now available as 180g Double-12“/45rpm.

Details       SFR 357.8088.1    (33,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Christian Kjellvander - "Solo Live" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Christian Kjellvander is a Swedish singer-songwriter with a winning blend of American/European folk, country and rock - creating his own world of twangy, folky reflection and mood-filled melody.

When Christian Kjellvander toured Europe last year, he visited Stockfisch-Records. Spontaneously Günter Pauler recorded "Solo Live" - a solo performance in the Bürgersaal, Northeim, on May 16, 2015.

Details       SFR 357.8089.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Chris Jones – "No Looking Back" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

In 1982, a 24-year-old guitarist named Chris Jones came to our studio in Northeim to record 10 songs for his first album. On a 2" tape recorder and mixer: Günter Pauler.

Who would have thought that in 2017 it would be possible to publish these wonderful 10 titles again as a long-playing record? The current vinyl renaissance makes it possible.

Details       SFR 357.8001.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Chris Jones – "Roadhouses & Automobiles" DLP
    180g-Vinyl 2LP 45rpm

Chris Jones' last album with Stockfisch from 2003 has posthumously been established over the years as a de facto standard for listening tests and demo sessions. Songs like „No Sanctuary Here“ are used by live mixers for checking the stage PAs ...

For all of those, who like the analog sound, in 2016 Stockfisch released „Roadhouses & Automobiles“ on Vinyl: as 180g Double-12“, 45rpm.

Details       SFR 357.8027.1    (33,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Vinyl-Collection Vol.3
  180g-Vinyl LP

For the third edition of our Stockfisch Vinyl Vinyl Collection this time we selected titles from our current program, which fit soundwise particularly well on vinyl record: deep-sounding, smooth and transparent timbre characterize the 10 pieces on Vol.3.

Among them are "good old friends" such as ALLAN TAYLOR or STEVE STRAUSS - but also Günter Pauler's new discoveries for Stockfisch like CARRIE NEWCOMER from Indiana, Kerstin Blodig from Norway or the Anglo-Irish band RANAGRI.

Details       SFR 357.8015.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Tony Christie & Ranagri - „The Great Irish Songbook“ LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

This is really Tony Christie’s masterful musical homage to his heritage and his ancestors.

For his fans and all other interested parties this Vinyl-LP is a very gratifying and uplifting journey to the mysteries of the Irish-Celtic music culture – modern and in excellent sound quality.

Details       SFR 357.8087.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Allan Taylor – All Is One LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

On previous albums Allan Taylor sang songs about the road, about all the different countries and all the hotel rooms … The new album goes deeper – into time and ultimately to the recognition: “All is one”.

Taylor plays his favourite Martin guitars with the same sensitivity for body, expression and autonomy which one finds in his vocal performance – always moving, and never merely vague.

Details       SFR 357.8078.1    (25,50 EUR+Porto)

• David Roth – "Will You Come Home" DLP
    180g-Vinyl 2LP 45rpm

When we planned the Vinyl-Edition of "Will You Come Home" we could not make up or mind, which CD titles should be quitted because of the LP´s limited running time.

Therefore we decided in favour of a Double-LP. And now the side-length became really perfect for a four-sided 45 rpm cut.

Details       SFR 357.8079.1    (33,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Paul O'Brien - Long May You Sing LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

There’s something which connects all the songs on this LP: all are by Canadian composers. This is much more than a mere collection of hits - thanks to the poetic, strong and never sentimental interpretations of Paul O’Brien.

All 14 songs are by Canadian writers – from Bruce Cockburn, Gordon Lightfoot and Paul O’Brien right up to Neil Young, whose song “Long May You Run” inspired the title of the new album.

   • Sorry, meanwhile SACD and Vinyl out of print!

Details       SFR 357.8080.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• David Roth - "more pearls" - Vinyl-Collection
  180g-Vinyl LP

In the year 2006 David Roth released his second album on Stockfisch: On "more pearls" David Roth performs a collection of famous and not that famous „evergreens“ of the anglo-american songwriting: "Though it’s been years since I’ve played some, like cherished old friends they’ve been exhilarating to revisit, relearn, rediscover, and gain new insight from."

Selected songs of this project are now also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP cutted with Stockfisch´s inhouse Direct-Metal-Mastering cutting lathe.

Details       SFR 357.8041.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Brooke Miller - Familiar LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

"Familiar" is the name of Brooke Miller's first album with Stockfisch.

The rich timbre of her voice and the quality of the guitar sound while entirely unique, resonates with influences ranging from Bruce Coburn to Joni Mitchell. The rhythmic, catching melodies with fresh elements of folk and a dash of country evoke the oceanic grandeur of her Canadian homeland.

Details       SFR 357.8076.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Eugene Ruffolo/Dennis Kolen/Shane Alexander - The Greater Good LP
  180g-Vinyl LP
The Greater Good LP

Without much ado and preliminaries, the three musicians meet at the Stockfisch studio in Northeim and give their creativity and expertise free reign.

Et voilà: what has something of the character of a reunion of old friends turns out to a must-hear, not only for those who know and appreciate the solo productions of Ruffolo and Kolen. Also listeners who experience these artists for the first time as THE GREATER GOOD will enjoy these ten mellow, yet catchy tracks with their captivating vocal harmonies and intricate, rhythmic guitar work - such musical master craftsmanship is what it takes "If It's Feeling Fine".

Details       SFR 357.8075.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Katja Maria Werker - Mitten im Sturm LP
  180g-Vinyl LP
Katja Maria Werker - Mitten im Sturm LP

Katja Maria Werker has made her début on Stockfisch with her new album, "mitten im sturm" ("In the Midst of the Storm").

This LP is a richly facetted album – squally periods followed by intermittent calm, the rise and swell of the waves: Katja Werker's own compositions; fresh, energy-laden pop songs ("Crossfire"), some English and German folk; notably a Peter Gabriel classic from the Seventies ("Here comes the Flood") not to mention an awe-inspiring rendition of the German hit "Über sieben Brücken must Du gehn". Each of the album's tracks is unique, and all are highly authentic; personal in the literal sense of the word.

Details       SFR 357.8074.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Ralf Illenberger - Red Rock Journeys LP
  180g-Vinyl LP
Ralf Illenberger - Red Rock Journeys LP

With his new album Red Rock Journeys, a musician who can undoubtedly be classed as one of the greats of acoustic guitar music can now be heard on Stockfisch: Ralf Illenberger.

Ralf IIlenberger‘s home and place of work is Sedona, Arizona, a location of great natural beauty to which spiritual power is also attributed. And Red Rock Journeys epitomizes a true Illenberger: holding that fine balance between deep, earthy sound and soaring, airy heights – between rock-solid craftsmanship and the capacity for transcendence.

Details       SFR 357.8020.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Vinyl-Collection Vol.2
  180g-Vinyl LP

We compiled the tracks for this Vinyl-Collection Vol.2 following the established criteria of the „closer to the music“ compilations:

On one hand we want to offer samples of current Stockfisch albums, on the other hand we would like to give a sneak peek on our future CDs.

Details       SFR 357.8009.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Sara K. - In The Groove
  180g-Vinyl LP

The vinyl-LP normally has two sides – and Sara K. presents two sides of her musical artistry!

On the one side we have her impressive and very convincing (solo) live concerts, where she fascinates her audience solely with her unique voice and her almost fragile-sounding accompaniment on the 4-string guitar. On the other side there are her beautiful studio recordings, where a whole range of musicians complement her pieces with an endless palette of musical styles, instruments and ideas. We want to document these two sides of her work on the 2nd release from the new Stockfisch “in the groove” series.

Details       SFR 357.8011.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Beoga - Live at Stockfisch Studio LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Stockfisch releases another album from their LIVE AT STOCKFISCH STUDIO series - this time an Irish band had visited Northeim: "Beoga".

Beoga (Irish word for ‘lively’) have become one of the most popular and influential ensembles in modern Irish music. “Riveting... the best traditional band to emerge from Ireland this century,” Wall Street Journal.    • Sorry, out of print!

Details       SFR 357.8053.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Allan Taylor - In The Groove
  180g-Vinyl LP

Stockfisch releases another audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP as start of a new series: IN THE GROOVE. Allan Taylor comments:

"I thought the vinyl format was finished. However, since I have been recording with Stockfisch Records and working with Günter Pauler I have become used to the supremely high criteria the work to, so when they suggested that we choose a few songs of mine from our catalogue for a release on vinyl I thought it was a great idea."

Details       SFR 357.8007.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Dennis Kolen - Northeim | Goldmine LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Dennis Kolen is a young singer/songwriter from Rotterdam/The Netherlands.

He grew up with the music of his fathers Vinyl collection: Jackson Browne, James Taylor or Paul Simon had been Dennis´ musical vision and orientation. Above all his influences came from the protagonists of the West Coast Music in the seventies: The Eagles, Poco, Crosby,Stills & Nash… - listen to the great harmony vocals on this LP!

Details       SFR 357.8059.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Sebastian Sternal Trio - Paris LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

A new jazz trio recording on Stockfisch: Pianist Sebastian Sternal,

who 2007 moved for a year to Paris in order to study at the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse, wrote pieces for this album as a tribute to this city. Together with Sebastian Klose (b), and Axel Pape (perc), the trio introduces a special guest from Paris: Anne-Marie Jean. With her versatile voice, she, as a Frenchwoman, lends a special authenticity to this city portrait.

Details       SFR 357.8068.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Paul O´Brien & Uli Kringler Trio
  180g-Vinyl 12inch - 4 tracks

Special HIGH END 2010 release:

Stockfisch Records not only had brought the Canadian singer/songwriter Paul O'Brien to Munich, but also an exclusive new Vinyl: 12 inch • 45 upm • 180g pressing, including four songs with Paul O´Brien accompanied by the Uli Kringler Trio! Recorded live at Stockfisch Studio, Northeim, Germany, September 29, 2009 - during the concert tour of Paul O´Brien & Uli Kringler Trio – no edits, no overdubs!

Sorry, the 180g-Vinyl version is out of print.

Details       SFR 357.8010.1    (13,50 EUR+deliv.)

• The Paperboys - live at Stockfisch Studio LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

The Paperboys are a folk music band from Vancouver. They have been playing together since 1991 and some of their recordings were honored with folk music awards.

When they play, you can hear the sound of tin whistle, violin and bodhrán, this is Celtic folk music, bluegrass, Mexican music and country music, at times with a hint of music from eastern Europe and Africa. The Paperboys perform live in the studio - and it is plain to hear they are having a lot of fun doing this.

Sorry, this CD is out of print.

Details       SFR 357.8054.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• the bassface swing trio - Tribute to Cole Porter - Collector's Set
   DSD-to-Disc 180g LP + SACD

The Bassface Swing Trio again, this time featuring singer Barbara Bürkle, performing a fine selection of Cole Porter jazz tunes. The musicians played two sets of four pieces - "live", there were no edits or digital tricks involved. The Stockfisch sound engineers mixed the sound of seven microphones in an analog mixer to a stereo sum. The mix was then passed through the highest grade DSD 1-bit converter.

This performance is released in three different formats: for collectors of audiophile specials as DSD 2.8224 MHz-TO-DISC Vinyl 180g LP + SACD Hybrid-bundle - limited to 500 pcs., numbered and signed by Günter Pauler.

Details       SFR 357.9056.1 LP & SACD (80,- EUR+deliv.)

• the bassface swing trio - Tribute to Cole Porter LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

… for all aficionados of vinyl as DSD 2.8224 MHz-TO-DISC Vinyl 180g LP.

Details       SFR 357.8056.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• the bassface swing trio - plays Gershwin Direct-to-Disc LP
   Direct-to-Disc LP + SACD

Direct-to-Disc: that implies musicians playing the duration of one vinyl side without mistakes during the lathe is cutting the DMM copper at the same time. Live - no subsequent corrections, no edits!.

This vinyl record is released as limited edition (2000 LPs), signed and numbered by hand. It comes with a SACD incl. a CD-hybrid-layer. This is the exciting opportunity to compare three formats originating from the same analog source and transferred unaltered into two digital formats.

Details       SFR 357.8045.1 LP & SACD (80,- EUR+deliv.)

• Vinyl-Collection Vol.1
  180g-Vinyl LP

The first Vinyl-LP sampler by Stockfisch is released: the Stockfisch Records Vinyl Collection.

We selected 10 tracks from the Stockfisch repertoire of the last four years and cut them on an audiophile 180g-Vinyl. Featuring Sara K., Steve Strauss, Chris Jones, David Roth, Eugene Ruffolo, Paul Stephenson, Louis Capart, Mike Silver, Christian Willisohn and Ewen Carruthers.

Details       SFR 357.8006.1    (31,50 EUR+deliv.)

• David Roth - Pearl Diver LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

The songs of David Roth stimulate all of the listener´s senses …

His clear and soulful voice conveys so much emotion that it can be frightening, at first – such is the intensity that he projects.

This wonderful emotional David Roth-Album Pearl Diver is also available as audiophile VINYL-pressing (LP).

Details       SFR 357.8031.1    (21,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Sara K. - Water Falls VINYL Double-LP
    180g-Vinyl DLP

In addition to the regular CD, Collector’s Set, LIVE-CD and -DVD, Stockfisch is pleased to announce the release of "Water Falls” as a Double-Vinyl LP of uncompromising quality (180g vinyl, detailed booklet). An experience in a class of it’s own for all friends of the analogue LP.

Details       SFR 357.8025.1    (33,50 EUR+deliv.)